Spiritual Formation dalam Membangun Mahasiswa Menjadi Pemimpin di Sekolah Tinggi Teologi

Yusak Tanasyah, Alisaid Prawiro Negoro, Bobby Kurnia Putrawan, Ester Agustini Tandana, Robby Robert Repi


Spiritual formation in theological schools is an effort to produce new future leaders for the church who have spirituality, integrity, and quality. How the Theological High School applies the spiritual formation that will give birth to future leaders will determine not only the results of the theological school graduates but also the quality of the graduate leadership. Seeing how important spiritual formation is in the High School of Theology which is very influential for its graduates as a leader, the absence of spiritual formation in the High School of Theology is the absence of the process of forming the character of Christ. The concept of spiritual formation as a means of transformation is "the formation of Christian character which implies the transformation of character. Formation and transformation, processes and turning points, woven together in a lifelong process of sanctification, into Christianity, and form a Christian character for a school of theology. Spiritual transformation is the process by which Christ becomes in us. This is an organic process that goes far beyond mere behavior, to a fundamental change at the core of our being. In the process of spiritual transformation formation, the Spirit of God moves us from behavior motivated by fear and self-protection to trust and surrender to God, students are able to do God's will to become effective leaders. Qualitative research using observation and literature methods gives results that the impact of carrying out spiritual formation at the school of theology will produce graduates who have effective leadership.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.46307/rfidei.v6i2.126


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